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Ecovise is passionate about helping Maine residents save money through energy efficiency improvements at home.

Energy Savings- a few steps to improve energy efficiency at home:

Taking just a few simple measures, such as turning your heating down, or switching to a lower washing machine setting, can have a significant effect on annual bills and the sooner you start making changes, the greater the savings will be.

•    Turn off lights and fans when not in use
•     Install LED light bulbs
•     When replacing appliances choose Energy Star ®
•     Plug electronics into power strips. Shut them off when not in use to reduce vampire power
•     Install insulated shades. They help cool in the Summer and retain heat in the Winter.
•     Use programmable thermostats.  Reduce the temperature in the evening and when at work or school.
•     Use water saving faucets and shower heads.
•     Apply weather stripping to windows and doors
•     Insulate your attic with the proper insulation.

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